Not Guilty Plea

“Due to the oath I swore to the constitution when I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, by virtue of the universal human right to self defense, in accordance with the Supreme Court case, D.C. vs. Heller, which affirmed that the statutes under which I am being charged are unconstitutional and thus null and void, and on behalf of all freedom loving Americans, I plead not guilty.”

Adam Kokesh

Welcome, this is for the future of Humanity. It is really sad what the government is doing, but Adam is doing what he feels is right.

This is the latest press release:

Broke on: August 12th 2013
by: Liz
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ON AUGUST 13, 2013 Mr. Kokesh will appear in DC Superior Court for a trial status date as
well as a motion to reconsider his bond conditions. Mr. Kokesh honorably served this country as
Marine for many years after enlisting in the Marines at age seventeen (17). In 2004 Mr. Kokesh
voluntarily deployed to combat in Fallujah with a Civil Affairs Team. During his time in the
Marines, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was awarded a Navy Commendation
Medal and a Combat Action Ribbon.
After his honorable discharge from the Marines, Mr. Kokesh moved to Washington, DC to
pursue a graduate degree at George Washington University. While studying there, he realized
there was a need to support other war veterans returning from combat and that little to no
support programs existed. In lieu of completing his masters degree, he became a full-time
volunteer with Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans For Peace. Additionally, Mr. Kokesh
founded and hosted a weekly peer support group for veterans, called Homefront Battle Buddies.
Mr. Kokesh has been a long-time outspoken activist for a wide range of causes, including
Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms. Mr. Kokesh has always been an avid arms collector,
however at this time his collection has been confiscated by law enforcement. He has organized
numerous peaceful demonstrations. Though he is an outspoken anti-war activitst, he has never
incited violence at any rally or demonstration.
Mr. Kokesh hosts and produces a daily podcast and posts videos to his YouTube channel
seven days a week. These podcasts and videos can be found at
Additionally, Mr. Kokesh has appeared regularly as a guest on national and local news outlets.
He is not a flight risk, as he is always visible via the internet, and has a well-known reputation as
a peace activist.

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